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Gastohof yumekikou
Boasting Yumekiko 3 types of private bath & 24h sprinkling hot springs

【Official】Gastohof yumekikou

Welcome to Gastohof yumekikou nestling in cool air and nature full of nature.

"Gasthof" means "a hospitable hospitality" in German, as you know the dishes using passionate ingredients, a charter hot spring, 3 private private outdoor baths, prepared for relaxing rooms, everyone We are waiting for you to come.
Please have a relaxing time as time goes by.
Sky full of stars, sounds played by nature, feeling relaxed in the four seasons ...

Autumn leaves information

  • The leaves are until mid-November!

    On November 11, 2018 (Sunday), we are behaving Shiohara Hot Spring autumn tradition, large radish pan!
    Shiohara Hot Spring Visitor Center (Fukuda area).
    The Shiona Skyline which becomes the backside of this facility is a place of autumn leaves.

    11/10, 11, and Nasushiobara city ​​town development ambassador Okada Masayoshi walking with the Taisho Ran way street scenic photo tour of the greatest.

The ski season has arrived!

  • There are Hunter Mountain Lift tickets!

    Hunter Mountain opened 12/1!
    There is a ski lift discount ticket only for the hotel user! (Quite profitable!)

    ·Tickets for day use and lodging guests available on the day can be handed out from 7 o'clock in the morning.
    ·Guests staying at the hotel after staying, please ask at the counter at check-in.
    ·There is also a ski lift pack plan.


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Gastohof yumekikou


347-2 Nakashiobara, Nasushiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture

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Nishinasuno Shiobara IC 19 Km · 25 minutes from Nishinasuno Shiobara IC.Tohoku Shinkansen (bullet train) Nasushiobara Station, take a bus 65 minutes · Get ​​off at Shiobaraonsen Station, pick up

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  • On owner's Facebook, you can enjoy the nature of Shiobara.

    Facebook owners who are also enthusiasts of photographs cut away the beautiful scenery of everyday life.Shiobara Keikoku, Takahara vegetables, snowfall situation etc, you can see the current highlights.This pension is in a very quiet Satoyama district.Please refer to the stroll.

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