【Official】Gastohof yumekikou

All 3 types of open-air baths and 24h free-flowing hot springs are reserved! Enjoy fresh vegetables and juicy meat with plenty of season and local feeling

Three bathtub is in the private open-air bath, is Yumekiko proud of the open-air bath that can be at once the charter.
Two indoor baths are also available for private use,
You can enjoy the famous Shiohara Hot Spring at your own pace.
Weak alkali chloride spring smooths your skin! A hot spring with beautiful skin pours away.

The cuisine uses plenty of delicious highland vegetables and ingredients from Nasushiobara.
It is a hearty course that includes vegetable soups, fresh salads, local meats, fish and fruits.
Tochigi Wagyu Beef course also available.

Shiobara specialty, sauce yakisoba and totaki are a 5-minute drive.
The next day, we recommend driving to the Nasu Plateau and Nikko World Heritage Sites, the Aizu region!

Please spend a leisurely time at a small inn in Shiobara where the starry sky is beautiful.

The crispy one-day hot spring plan is also popular☆

  • Energy charge with summer hot springs & dinner with plenty of seasonal ingredients!

    You can enjoy 3 baths in the open-air bath!
    It feels good to have a hot spring in summer!

    Dinner is the same course dinner as the hotel guests
    For those who sometimes "want to relax!" Even if it is difficult to stay or stay
    This is an absolutely recommended plan.

    Yumekiko Shiobara Keikoku, which is rich in nature.
    The scenery is also outstanding, so please enjoy it on a day trip!

Introducing desserts!

  • It is a hot spring eggplant sorbet! Please for dessert for dinner!

    Every day, I am wondering how to serve seasonal and local ingredients to our customers.
    Yumekiko is now offering "Onsen Eggplant Sorbet"!

    Because it is a fresh and lovingly grown eggplant
    You can make it a dessert!

    Please come to eat!

A new species of strawberry kingdom"Tochiaika"

Named Japanese serow lucky(^^)

  • A special natural monument is in front of you!

    Japanese serow who shows up every day.
    A special natural monument appears in a vacant lot in front of Yumekiko.

    As a result of family discussions, we named it "Lucky"!
    The appearance of making a wet body buzzing was also cute.
    He even took a pose for me as he approached me, and when I turned my back on my way home, I rushed up to the mountain.

    The Japanese serow is a national special natural monument.
    Special natural monuments are said to be of particular value globally or nationally among natural monuments.
    Is also a crazy thing(^^)


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Hotel Name

Gastohof yumekikou(yumekikou)


347-2 Nakashiobara, Nasushiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture

Telephone number



25 minutes from Nishinasuno Shiobara IC, 19km.65 minutes by bus from Tohoku Shinkansen (bullet train) Nasushiobara Station・ Get off at Shiobaraonsen Station

Pick-up presence (condition)

【Please note the car】
The address of this facility will not be displayed correctly on the car navigation system. (It is set on a hill on the back and cannot enter the hotel)
Shiobara elementary and junior high school is set as the destination, and if you go on the left side of the school grounds for about 200m, you will reach Yumekiko.
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  • You can enjoy the nature of Shiobara the owner's Facebook.

    This is a Facebook page where the owner, who is also a photographer, cuts out the beautiful scenery of everyday life.Shiobara Keikoku, Takahara vegetables, snowfall situation etc, you can see the current highlights.This pension is in a very quiet Satoyama district.Please refer to the stroll.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.