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  • Is it on the navigator street?

    Please be careful when using navigator! We will guide you to a different way above our hotel.At the final point, turn right from National RoContinue reading
  • About temperature setting of hot springs

    ·In order to prevent cerebral anemia and myocardial infarction by medical institution guidance, Yumekiko sets the temperature of the hot sprContinue reading
  • How long is the private outdoor bath?

    After checking in, you can take a bath at your preferred time.
    Bath time:From 15:00 to 24:00(Private time 1 hour)
         6 am-7:30pm(Private tContinue reading
  • Is the entire building smoke-free?

    Smoking is prohibited in the entire building.Considering to smokers as well, we placed smoking dishes outdoors.
  • What time is check-in / check-out?

    Normally we will be informed of check-in at 15 o'clock and check-out at 10 o'clock.
    However, it depends on accommodation plan.
  • I will go by car but the parking lot?

    Parking space has more space than the number of cars space.
    You can park a large bus.
  • Is it possible to accommodate pets?

    Unfortunately we do not accept pet accommodation.
  • Would you use a car navigation system to guide a different route?

    When aiming for Yumekiko at car navigation system, we will guide a different way on the building of our hotel.
    Because there are many mistakContinue reading
  • Are you stuck with slow food?

    The hotel cooks locally produced ingredients in a Yumekiko like Yumekiko style.
    And we are particular about the seasonal ingredients.
    From tContinue reading
  • Kuroge Wagyu Beef Sirloin Steak?

    Individual identification numbers are displayed in the meal menu at the hotel.
    Meat quality of A3 to A5 is 200 g, juicy and soft,
    Kuroge WagContinue reading
  • Is there something you can not eat by all means?

    Please contact us in advance.I will correspond within the possible range.
    Please also contact your child's allergic foods.
  • Can I take a day-ten hot spring?

    It is possible to reserve it after 10 o'clock.
    Also, since meals and breaks are also available
    Please contact me.
  • What is the characteristic of a private outdoor bath?

    It is a private outdoor bath which was renewed open in May 2009.
    We set up three bathtubs, making them all different types.
    Green is ShigaraContinue reading
  • Private outdoor bath, what kind of bath is "wooden bath"?

    It is a tree called Kouyamaki Kiso.
    It is a material chosen stuck.
    I made it into a barrel type (barrel) type.
    It is a relaxing bathtub witContinue reading
  • Private outdoor bath What kind of bath is "pottery bath"?

    Shigaraki Ware bathtub.
    As for enjoying with family, "image for children" is imaged,
    I dared to make it a small tub.
    Adults can also be inclContinue reading
  • What kind of bath is private private open-air bath "Stone bath"?

    Towada Stone (Towada ishi) a stone bath called Towadaishi.
    There are also many who like refreshing feel.
    I am deepest, so you can enter calmContinue reading
  • Is it a hot spring?

    Yes.You can enjoy 'Hot Spring Natural Hot Spring' in the bath by gender in the facility.

    The quality of the hotel's fountain is

    Sodium · cContinue reading

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.