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Full course dish using passion ingredients

The hotel cooks local ingredients in Yumekiko style.
And I also stick to the seasonal ingredients.
From the doubt "What is gastronomy?" From the doubt, a simple, safe and safe food ingredient,
And we are conscious of healthy ingredients etc.
Fresh vegetables and meat grown in Nasu, river fish, milk, etc.
I am studying every day so that I can enjoy as much ingredients as possible.
Please have a relaxing and enjoy.
  • An example of dinner

    Full course of local production eradicate to my heart's content

    You will enjoy hand-crafted full-course dishes using plenty of fresh ingredients harvested locally.
    We also offer a variety of wines that go well with the dishes.Please join us!

    ※Pictures are an example.The menu varies depending on the season, plan etc.
  • A breakfast example

    To the source of vitality of the day!

    Using local eggs, milk, fresh vegetables and plenty,
    It is a nutritious breakfast.
    Roll pan with Ancient Times Rice Porridge and natural yeast is also popular.

    ※Pictures are an example.The menu varies depending on the season, plan etc.

Yumekiko's carefully selected ingredients

Carefully selected local seasonal ingredients,
We will offer you fresh.
  • Passion vegetables

    Carefully selected freshly picked vegetables from local farmers
    We are purchasing.Passion for original taste of material,
    Deliver the most delicious ingredients every season.
    It is also possible that unusual new vegetables line up at the table!
  • Passionate meat

    Broiled meat juice as soon as you put it in your mouth,
    Tochigi Wagyu Beef has a melting texture.
    The taste of the cow was packed,
    Please enjoy a soft steak.
  • Passion Rice

    We use Tochigi Prefecture's Koshihikari in Tochigi Prefecture's Koshihikari contracted farmers and the "Yudai 21" variety cultivated by Utsunomiya University.
    Sweet and strong
    It is sticky rice.