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  • Efforts of this facility to prevent new coronavirus infectious diseases

    Efforts to prevent new coronavirus infectious diseases

    This facility is implementing the following measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.

    ●Disinfectant water can be installed at the front desk, lounge and bathroom to disinfect your fingers.

    ●In addition to normal cleaning, we are strengthening ventilation and sanitizing cleaning in this facility.

    ●We thoroughly manage the health condition of our staff and regularly wash hands, gargle and disinfect.

    Please inform our employees if you have a fever or if you are not feeling well.
    We look forward to welcoming you.
  • 【Campaign for Nasushiobara City has ended】About "Refresh! Accommodation Campaign" only for citizens of Nasushiobara

    June 14:
    The refresh campaign of Nasushiobara City has ended.It was used by many customers.Thank you very much.
    June 13:
    The refresh campaign of Nasushiobara City will end as soon as the budget limit of the city is reached.Please contact us by phone.Please understand that we will not be able to accept it after the campaign ends.
    In addition to reducing the mental burden on citizens who were forced to refrain from living due to a new coronavirus infection, the following cashback campaign was implemented as a "refreshing accommodation campaign" to support city accommodation operators. I will do it.

    Target:Nasushiobara citizen
    Period:Check-in from Monday, June 1, 2020 to Friday, July 31st, 2020
    Cash back fee:Half price for one night for adults(Maximum 10,000 yen)
    Elementary school students and below Full cash back(= Free)
    (Consumption tax included Hot spring tax not included)
    ·Only citizens will be able to confirm with a license / insurance card.If the confirmation cannot be obtained, it is not applicable.
    ·As a preventive measure against infectious diseases, the maximum number of people per group is 10.
    ·Reservations can only be made by phone or from the hotel's official website.Other booking sites are not eligible.
    ·Cash back will be deducted at the time of payment.After that, cash back is not possible.
    ·Payment is "cash only".

    ★★Yumekiko's point★★
    【The famous hot springs of Shiobara also pour into the baths of this facility】
    "Open-air bath" → You can enjoy wooden barrel bath, pottery bath, rock bath and 3 baths at once.Charter
    "Indoor bath"-> a hot spring flowing all over! There are two indoor baths, both of which are reserved
    Because it is an inn with 8 rooms, you can use it without waiting

    【It is a course meal that combines Japanese and Western】
    ·Feel free to wear yukata with chopsticks
    ·Yumekiko from contract farms trusted by Yumekiko
    ·Please enjoy a dish of "Shiobara's Trocab" in June.You can enjoy the taste of turnip!
    ·Standard plan meat is pork (upgrade plan will be Tochigi Wagyu Beef)