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Surrounding tourism

Around nature, around Shiobara, whole area, leisure resort

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    • Nasu Senbonmatsu Bokujo

      Tokyo Dome is a vast farm with an area of 178 Tokyo Dome.
      Not only do the cherry trees and autumnal leaves grow widely in the premises depending on the season,
      Many leisure including hot air balloon and horseback riding are prepared,
      You can enjoy nature and outside air.
      In addition, we can rest at hot springs and eat at restaurant,
      We cater to a wide range of needs including couples, families and groups.
    • Momijidani Suspension Bridge

      It is a suspension bridge installed in Shiobara Keikoku.
      In a suspension bridge of the type called "non-complementary rigid gait trailway suspension bridge"
      Boasting a top class distance in Honshu,
      Its length is 320 meters!
      Shiobara Keikoku which changes the expression according to the four seasons,
      You can enjoy it with a large panorama spreading from your eyes to your feet.
      It depends on the season, but it will be unavailable during evening hours and night time etc.
    • Shiohara Hot Spring Yuppo no Sato Shiohara Hot Spring Yuppo no Sato(Yuppo no Sato)

      It is an environmental base that symbolizes abundant hot springs in Shiobara.
      In the center there is a mirror pond which becomes a symbol,
      A footbath corridor is provided to surround it.
      Various zones are made in the footbath corridor,
      You can experience warmth of hot water and stimulation of sole simultaneously.
      There is also Doraizumi, please enjoy the way to enjoy 'hot spring resources' which is a bit different from ordinary hot springs.
      It offers.
    • Genzan Cave(Genzankutsu)

      Formed in the limestone formation over time,
      Shiobara is a valuable cave in the geology of Shiobara.
      In addition to geological value,
      It is also involved in the "Genpei War".
      The source owners who ran away in the battle of Dannoura,
      It is said that you lived a living in a cave in this cave.
      Where you rice with waterfall in a limestone cave,
      There is an anecdote that the japan juice has flowed out and found in the enemy and reached the end.
      At this time the waterfall called rice is being introduced as "a rainfall washing waterfall" as well.
    • Hakonomori Play Park

      You can experience various experiences with parents and children at play facilities using nature.
      In addition to a playground using a mountain stream playground, a water play field, a body like a athletic,
      Handcraft such as woodworking experience and ceramic art experience is also available.
      You can also soak in the hot spring at the hot spring center, so you can heal the tired body playing all day.
    • Night of early summer, firefly appreciation too!

      Fireflies can also be enjoyed in the early summer evenings of Shiohara Hot Spring.
      It may be seen right next to the hotel, and we will also show you places that look good.
      The firefly dance that glows dimly in the darkness is very fantastic!
      Since the timing and place of firefly appreciation will change according to the weather,
      Please contact us.
    • Hunter Mountain Shiobara

      It is the largest ski resort in the Kanto area.
      From the hillside to the lower part of the slopes, a course for intermediate level beginners,
      An advanced course is prepared at the top of the slopes.
      In addition to a kids park equipped with ski slopes for kids,
      Schools for skiing and snowboarding are also held,
      It is a snow park where many people can play in a vast ski area.